Franz Boas Photo Set

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Fig. 2.

Receptacle for Coiled Harpoon Line.

Length 63 cm; diameter 37.5 cm

Fig. 3.

Attachment at Right Hand Side of Manhole of Kayak

Length, 8.5 cm

Fig. 4. Harpoon points

a. Modern point for kayak harpoon

b. Ancient point for kayak harpoon

c. Point for dart

Fig. 4. Harpoon Points

d. Small ivory point for winter harpoon

e-h. Point for dart

Fig. 5. Bladder Dart, Length 160 cm

a. General view (left)

b. Details of point

Fig. 6. (left) Throwing board. Length 40 cm

Fig. 7. Lance for kayak, used in hunting Caribou. Length 195 cm

a. General View
b. Detail of Point

Fig. 8. (right) Details of ancient winter harpoon

a. Point
b. Joint
c. Butt

Fig. 9.

Catches for holding Harpoon Line to Shaft

Fig. 10.

a, b, c Attachment for lines

Fig. 11.

Hand Supports of Harpoon Shafts.

Designs representing Hind Part of Seal.

Fig. 12.

Clasps for Coils of Harpoon line.

Fig. 13.

Set of Seal drags and plugs. Length 57 cm

Fig. 105. (top) Kinipetu Kayak. Length 860 cm.

Fig. 106. Models of Kayaks (bottom three)

a. Aivilik lake kayak. Length 75 cm

b. Aivilik sea kayak. Length 80 cm

c. Kinipetu kayak. Length 104 cm

Fig. 107. Models of Paddles

a. Aivilik lake paddle. Length 38 cm

b. Aivilik sea paddle. Length 41 cm

c. Kinipetu paddle. Length 44 cm

Fig. 108.

Harpoon points

Fig. 108.

Harpoon points

Fig. 109. (left) Bladder Dart. Length 211 cm

Fig 110. (center) Throwing Board. Length. 52 cm

Fig. 111. (right) Probe for Seal hole. Length 65 cm.

Fig. 222. Ivory Implements

a. Hand support for harpoon. Ponds Bay. Length 6 cm.

b. Line attachment. Length 3.5 cm

c. Line attachment. Iglulik. Length 3.5 cm

d. Toggle for drag line. Iglulik. Length 4.5 cm

e. Toggle for drag line. Length 4.2 cm

f. Toggle in form of Bear's head. Netchillik. Length 4.2 cm

g. Toggle in form of Bear's head. Aivilik. Length 4.8 cm

Fig. 223.

Clasps for Sealing Line. Ponds Bay. Length 3 cm.

Fig. 224. Kayak Attachments

a. Southampton Island. Length 10.5 cm

b. Aivilik. Length 9.5 cm

c. Southampton Island. Length 7.2 cm

Fig. 225.

Kayak Attachment. Netchillik. Height 9.5 cm

Fig. 226. Swivels and Eyes

a, b. Swivels from Ponds Bay. Height about 2.5 cm

c. Swivel. Length 4 cm

d. Eyes for needle case, Ponds Bay. Length 5.4 cm