Fig. 6 - Details of the construction of a two man kayak. a. Side view of the two man kayak, ullux, and the seams of the four skins covering the frame. Bailing system, uyuxqoleq, consisting of a skin tube tied shut.

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b. The deck of the kayak, with hunting and navigational equipment attached by leather straps.

Sternman's equipment (hunting partner): 1. buoy (stomach of a sea mammal, inflated), sanxuq 2. individual water container, wood, tangadguseq 3. wooden bailer, mínmax 4. whalebone club, áneux 5. various harpoons or spears 6. thrower, ásxux 7. bone paddle holder, ánaxseq

Bowman's equipment (owner of the kayak): 8. buoy, 9. water container, 10. bone paddle holder, 11. harpoons or spears, 12. club, 13. thrower.