P. Jensen Photo Set

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Fig. 1 - Sketch of kayak type used by Polar Eskimos

Fig. 2 - Toy kayak, Inugsuk

Fig. 3 - Section of the map showing parts of southern Greenland and eastern Canada, prepared by Resen 1605 as a copy of Stephanius’s map from 1570, here reproduced after a re-drawing dating from 1886. Original is in the Royal Library.

Fig. 4 - Main measures of kayaks from western and eastern Greenland.

Fig. 5 - Two kayak types, Qutdligssat, 1962

Table I

Fig. 6 - Different types of kayak. Upernavik, 1955

Table II
Table III

Fig. 7 - Construction details of kayak stems

Table 5

Fig. 8 - Kayak with canvas covering. Godthaab, 1955. Note the very wide and flat shape as well as the cross straps with connecting pieces of bone and the characteristic harpoon rest. (See Tables VI and VII).

Table VI
Table VII

Fig. 9 - Two kayak rudders - Aqût. Egedesmide, 1960