Man Thought of His Kayak
Irene Avaalaaqjaq 1976 *

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Arctic Kayaks

Arctic Kayaks is a resource center.

The site  includes a description of kayak types, kayak construction, a database of kayaks, an annotated bibliography of Arctic Kayaks and books for sale. 

The database is a world inventory of over 270 aboriginal kayaks. It welcomes input on additional kayaks found in museums, private collections, or the literature.

Brian Barker illustration


The skin kayak's gentle flex responds dynamically to changing sea conditions. Its superior performance in these forces of nature is legendary. (A K2 is part of our fleet [DWZ]).  

Pouch Boats

Pouch folding kayaks are built in classic skin on wood frame construction by Pouch Boats in the city of Pouch, Germany. 

Earth Photo Caption

Qaannat Kattuffiat

This page is an "unofficial" guide to QAANNAT KATTUFFIAT, the Greenland Kayaking Association. It was created by paddlers outside of Greenland with input and approval from club members

Traditional Arctic Skinboats

This web site features photographs of a large and diverse collection of Inuit and Aleut kayak replicas that Harvey Golden has built over the last four years.  This collection includes many rare forms of traditional kayaks that are often overlooked.  The replicas are full-size usable boats. 

The replica of the "Straits of St. David" kayak 
at Kangitugaapik (Clyde River), Nunavut.

Phil's Kayaking
Sea Kayaking in the Okanagan Valley

Southwest Greenland style Kayak using instructions from a Sea Kayaker article by Christopher Cunningham.

This Kayak is 19" wide, 18' long and is about 8 1/2" in depth at the cockpit. Gunwales and deck beams are spruce and the ribs are red Oak.


Southwest Greenland style Kayak made by Phil Soichuk

Living Traditions: Museums Honour the North American Indigenous Games

Virtual Museum  Canada has a short history of kayak races in Canada plus references.

Archival photograph of a kayak race, Port Burwell, Hudson Strait.
Hudson Bay Company Archives P1178

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