Man Thought of His Kayak
Irene Avaalaaqjaq 1976 *

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David W. Zimmerly

* This belongs to the collection of David & Helga Zimmerly.

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David W. Zimmerly in reproduction East Arctic Kayak - 22' long, 28.5" wide.  Photo by Helga Zimmerly
  • Do It Yourself - The East Arctic Kayak. Sea Kayaker 18-4: 6-19 [full text and photos]
  • East Arctic Kayak: Building a Reproduction  [partial text and photos]. 

    Complete manuscript, East Arctic Kayak: A Reconstruction, by David W. Zimmerly in PDF format (5.1mb).

    This is NOT the East Arctic Kayak in Sea Kayaker 18

    To purchase the complete 55-page manuscript, with over 100 photographs, by PDF format, send $10 by PayPal (click the Buy Now below) or check, and we will send you the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for the  download of the PDF file.

    Send check to: David Zimmerly, 344 Lakewood Rd., Perth, ON K7H 3C5 Canada



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